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Marketing and Brand

Marketing and Brand Overview

In this video, you’ll learn about one of the biggest advantages to owning a WSI business: our two-plus decades of international marketing experience, expertise and brand credibility. We show you how the WSI network leverages these unique traits to differentiate themselves from other marketing agencies, as well as to build lasting – and more profitable – partnerships with our clients.

Once a new WSI franchise completes eLearning and in-house training, it’s finally time to concentrate on marketing the new business. Our network has more than two decades of international brand management to leverage. Thanks to our increasing presence in the digital marketing space, we’ve established turnkey brand marketing strategies and resources which are available for agencies of all tenures, regions and languages.

WSI’s Content Marketing Strategy, for instance, is an inbound marketing plan developed, managed and distributed by the team at Home Office. The goal is to ensure you have all assets – blogs, landing pages, eBooks, infographics, social posts, email drip campaigns, or web banners – readily available for your own marketing needs.

Of course, our branding objectives also extend far beyond marketing collateral. Year over year, the WSI brand has been gaining more and more recognition in the educational space of digital marketing. WSI agencies around the world have regularly leveraged our client educational programs to not only promote their own authority as local marketing experts, but also to start informative learning sessions for business owners and marketing professionals from varying industries. 811 Meetings and WSI Digital Summits are an example of this; they’re client-facing educational events through which WSI agency owners facilitate small to medium scale conferences for local businesses, aiming to share exclusive insights on how to boost any business’ marketing objectives. We’ve found that when our clients are educated and informed on the benefits of digital marketing that they are more likely to engage in our services over the long-term.

An extension of our brand image as a marketing educator is the two editions of our best-selling book, Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing. These books have equipped the WSI agency network with tangible publications written by our own experts. Through 12 chapters, WSI shares best practices, tips, techniques and tools for competing in the digital space.

As a marketing asset, the books have proven to be an instrumental tool in illustrating our brand’s 20-plus year legacy in the digital arena. Ultimately, aligning the WSI brand as an educational resource has been invaluable to our own lead generation efforts.

As your agency develops under the WSI umbrella, you’ll realize our brand promises so much more than expert digital solutions. Yes – delivering effective inbound marketing strategies, campaign automation processes, social selling, or paid advertising, is still on our priority list. But we’ve come to realize that helping clients build their websites or establish social media channels just isn't enough.

Instead, our brand promises to invest in our clients’ success. The most prosperous WSI agencies act as extensions of their clients’ businesses, ultimately providing leadership, mentorship and support systems for all aspects of business ownership. Establishing lasting partnerships with our clients is what sets WSI apart from other digital marketing agencies. After all, our digital solutions mean nothing if our clients’ businesses aren’t thriving.