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Business Opportunity

How the WSI Opportunity Delivers me Value

We pride ourselves on the ability to say, “Don’t just take our word for it!” In this video, you’ll hear WSI Consultants explain why they decided to purchase a franchise over starting a business on their own. As well as how the WSI Business Opportunity overall delivers them ongoing value.

Scott - Arizona, United States: Paying employees, figuring all those pieces out, that part was scary to me. So I wanted to find something that was independent, where I could be a business owner but where I didn't necessarily have to take on all of that to start. Because I wanted to spend more time with my family, I wanted to spend more time with my kids, I wanted to be home, I wanted those things – some of the things that attracted me were just – I didn't have to brand myself, I already had a built in brand. I already had all the pieces that I knew I was already going to have to do; build a website, build a brand, figure out the path I was going to take. I knew I was going to be a successful business owner, I really did, with or without anybody I felt, but I felt this gave me an advantage that other people didn't have right out of the bat, and two, it took away all those fears that I had before, right? I don't have to hire people, there’s production centers already in place. I don't have to put graphic designers and staff, because there already are graphic designers, so I could start small, I can work wherever I want to work and not have to worry about building an entire staff so those are the pieces that really attracted me to WSI from the start.

Matt Delaware - United States: When I went through bootcamp, I think was about two years ago, it totally transformed my business. It made me look at what's important for my business, what's bringing me in money and how do I do that better. At that point time it was just myself and I hired an administrative assistant. Now I have three people on staff and we’re getting ready to hire another salesperson, and I think through the dedication of WSI and really helping me understand that I need to grow my business by working on it and not so much in it, it's really helped me transform into making my business more scalable.

Eric - Michigan, United States: I don't really think there's any other organization out there that has the tool kit that we've got that that we can bring to the table. There's no other organization out there that can say two out of the four top most recognized valuable brands in the world are partners of ours, with Google and Microsoft. And I’ll also say that not we're one off but we are the world's largest collection of digital marketing professionals and with a global footprint of over eighty countries, you know, that's something you really only need to say once to a client to have them understand and get the idea and just meeting the other people that are here, as part of our convention it's pretty apparent that we're not just bringing in people that understand how to spell HTML, we're bringing in people that have run their own business, that have been successful in the corporate world, that can go toe to toe with a C-level executive and understand why it's important to align a digital strategy with a business strategy and there's not a lot of really digital marketing people out there that think to that extent.