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Solution Delivery

How WSI Helps Me Deliver Solutions to My Clients

You’ll hear from more WSI Consultants as they talk about the caliber of the suppliers in our eMarketplace, how they can deliver full service digital marketing solutions to their clients and why it would be near to impossible to establish similar partnerships on their own. 

Chris - Quebec, Canada: We offer a holistic digital marketing approach for our clients. They don’t necessarily need all of the services all at once, we have clients 10 - 15 years that we’ve been working with. So, in the beginning maybe it was a website and then some SEO work and then over time maybe we’re focused really now on social media and providing those services to them or paid marketing, content marketing, more of them – as you do more you’ll take more and more services on but it’s an evolution with the client and the opportunities that are out there, we are their marketing, you know, outsource marketing firm. We only sell what they need, we only sell what they can afford but we evolve with them over time and some clients we’ve done two, three, four websites over those 10 - 12 years so there is really that longstanding relationship with a lot of clients and that’s the type of client that I’m always interested in working with.

Eric - Michigan, United States: The vendors and the partners that WSI has acquired and brought in under the WSI kind of umbrella over the last couple years have been really top notch and it’s been really interesting getting to know some of those folks and how they can help enhance the business and bring more value to our customers. Because I don’t really think there’s any other organization out there that has the toolkit that we’ve got that we can bring to the table. It’s almost too much information because if you sat down in a meeting with a client and told them everything that you could do, you’d be there for three hours.

Matt - Delaware, United States: WSI itself has changed a lot. It’s been more focused on bringing us the correct suppliers that we need, connecting us to the right resources that we need and through that effort, I’ve been able to offer my clients more of a full scale digital marketing plan and not just like a one off SEO, a one off website design. One thing I believe in business is you own the client, not the process, so I start my clients out by looking at their website, making sure that’s good, that they have conversion architecture on there, and from there I can build a marketing plan, full service digital marketing plan to help them grow their business, in turn it’s a win-win situation.

Christine - Ontario Canada: Microsoft, you hear HubSpot, you hear Hootsuite, these are all big names right now in digital marketing and it’s amazing to come here and look at exhibitors and they’re all there - and they’re all there to help us help our customers, so I think we have tremendous support. I would never, regardless of how many relationships I’ve built over the years - I would never would have been able to get any of these vendors’ attention like we’ve got through WSI, there’s no question.