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Business Opportunity

Co-Founder's Message

Mark Dobson, WSI’s Co-Founder and CEO, welcomes you to our Discovery Center with an introductory message. Mark briefly touches on our background as a company, discusses the reasons why the WSI Business Opportunity is so appealing and outlines what you can expect from the rest of the WSI Discovery Process.


I’m Mark Dobson, Co-Founder and CEO of WSI.

I’d like to welcome you to our Discovery Center and thank you for investing the time to learn more about the WSI business opportunity.

Since the inception of WSI in 1995, we’ve seen countless changes in our industry. We have gone from a time where websites were just a novelty, to an age where we carry the power of the internet in the palm of our hand. Over the last 20 plus years, WSI has grown from its simple roots as a basic web development agency in Canada to a global leader in digital marketing with hundreds of agencies operating in over 80 countries. During this time we’ve had the privilege of helping clients with hundreds of thousands of marketing strategies and solutions in every vertical market, and guiding them in making the best digital marketing decisions for their businesses.

Today, our WSI consultants are uniquely positioned to deploy the most effective and comprehensive digital marketing solutions in the industry. Each carefully designed to fulfill the specific goals and objectives of our clients. Whether we’re working with small to medium size companies, or working with some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands – our systems, methodologies and technologies are built to deliver our clients, a return on their marketing investment.

As you embark on this process, you’ll begin to discover the true potential of owning and operating your own WSI agency. With each passing year, the Internet, as a marketing channel grows more and more. In many regions, it has already surpassed other more traditional channels like TV, print and radio and in those it hasn’t – it’s just matter of time. Companies are in a constant need for digital marketing services, but more importantly, for the expertise a professional digital marketing consultant.
The challenge for many companies today is they don’t know where to turn for their digital marketing needs. The majority of providers in this industry simply don’t have the knowledge, background, infrastructure, systems, methodologies and technologies in place to deliver a strategically thought out and well executed solution.

This is where WSI comes in. We have everything in place to meet the digital marketing needs of any company, regardless of size or industry. At WSI, we provide a comprehensive strategic approach, suite of products and services, a turn-key delivery system, complete supply chain, partnerships with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Adobe just to name a couple along with one of the most advanced digital agency training and support programs anywhere. This ensures that when someone joins WSI they can deliver the right solution to their clients, regardless of whether they came from a background in marketing or not. Your job will be to develop the relationships and use the WSI infrastructure to fulfill the needs of your clients.

To assist you in your exploration of a new direction for your life, we’ve created a very well defined process for you to follow. Our selection process is designed to assist you in determining whether the WSI business opportunity will allow you to meet your professional and personal goals. Each of our agencies chose the WSI business for their own reasons, but all of them identified they needed to make a change in their lives. You’re watching this video right now because you too have identified the need for change.

It is vitally important for you to ask yourself what you’re really looking for in a business. Are you looking for a better lifestyle? More time with your family? Greater control? The freedom to dictate what you do on a daily basis? Or are you are looking to increase your income? Maybe build a business with real equity for your retirement? Build something for your children to take over. Or you could be looking to grow your existing business or agency by aligning with WSI. Whatever the reason, it has to be your reason for making the change. You’ll also have to determine how important it is to make that change and whether you can accomplish your goals doing what you’re currently doing.

As you continue through the WSI selection process, take the time to review all the information we provide you – watch each video, review each resource we share, ask as many questions as you need to complete your evaluation of the WSI opportunity. Again, our Discovery Center and our selection process are designed to help you determine whether WSI is a right vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals and whether this business is something you’ll actually enjoy. Our selection process is also designed to ensure all of your questions have been answered, so you can make a well informed decision. In addition, our process will allow us to get to know you, so we can ensure we are making the right decision as well. In the end, it has to make good business sense for both parties. We take special care to identify that each individual we speak with aligns with our culture, our values, and embodies the core competencies that make for a truly successful WSI Agency.

I wish you all the best whatever your decision may be, and perhaps you’ll join our team as a WSI digital marketing consultant and together look forward to many years of success.