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Marketing and Brand

How the WSI Brand Strengthens My Credibility

Some of our current Consultants discuss how they’ve used and benefited from WSI’s branded marketing materials such as our Digital Minds book and content marketing resources, and share why our established credibility and reputation were key deciding factors to them joining the WSI team. 

Eric - Michigan, United States: I’ve had the privilege of being an author in the WSI Digital Minds book for the last two editions and I wrote the chapter on mobile marketing and I use it a lot in my business as a lead gen tool. I do a lot of public speaking and that’s how I generate activity and customers, and being able to take a book to an event and have actually something tangible that I can give is not something you typically expect from a digital marketer, normally everything is electronic and when you have an actual book that you can give somebody that has information in it that’s helpful, it’s not too difficult but it’s not too fluffy either, it makes a real impact. And being able to say that it’s the number #1 rated book on Amazon for the term ‘digital marketing’, it’s an international bestseller, it’s been translated into multiple languages, is a pretty powerful thing. I’ve used it for giveaways, so everybody throw their card in their hat and at the end I’m going to give away three or four books, I’ve used it as recognition during an event so if somebody asks a really good question, boom! You won to book, congratulations - to help foster participation and involvement, but it’s just a really good brand credibility builder because if you have a book that instantly makes you an authority and even if you are not an author in the book, to be able to say that you’re part of an entity like WSI that actually put the book together is a pretty powerful statement.

Kim - British Columbia, Canada: Now having an access to the library and the accets and the
resources that the WSI puts out, not just currently - there’s always the new products coming out, but the historical pieces that I can repurpose has just given me a huge base of knowledge to supply out, it’s given my content marketing campaigns a lot more power and it’s been wonderful.

Rabbia - Pennsylvania, United States: We’re very different from the local agencies and the reason I know we’re different from the local agencies is because the local agencies, they’re sending business development persons, they are salespeople, they’re not actually the doers, they’re the people that sell solutions and then that project will get passed on to a junior person within the agency and they’ve lost that personal connection with the client. So our unique value proposition is, we are the face to the customer, we get to know their business inside out as much as we can, know their target, their market and help them really craft that strategy that is going to be working for them because every business is unique. Getting close and learning, then we want to position ourselves as partners, as an extension of their office so they can essentially call you about anything as it relates to internet marketing. We are a large network and I can read from the expression, from you know, prospects talking with them, that it is a huge positive because I am not operating on my own, we have a huge network that we can tap into in terms of you know tips, best practices, case studies.

Scott - Arizona, United States: So the one thing that I’ve always liked about being a WSI consultant, the piece that I feel like gives me this competitive advantage, is that - you know, one, I truly am there for the client and so much as that I'm not there to sell them a product. I don’t walk in with something I have to sell them, I walk in figuring out what's the best need for them and I pull all the pieces together to give them the right solution and I don't think a lot of other people really have that kind of flexibility, you know, if it’s Google they are Google. If it’s Bing, they’re selling Bing. If it’s - you know, and even specific suppliers that we have in the marketplace, they’re limited to their product that they can supply, where I as a consultant can supply them with all the right pieces and kind of put it all together. And then on top of that, you know, in any local marketplace one of the things people want to see is credibility and from the very beginning WSI gave me that kind of instant credibility that I certainly didn’t have in the beginning. I’ve built some – over the years now, you know, I have my own case studies or testimonials but from the very beginning, WSI gave me that. That piece that I could go in, say ‘look at what we’ve done, this is who you’re getting, this is what’s backing you and I still use it, all the time, especially if I get a bigger client or somebody that I know is interviewing other agencies, then I make sure that they understand how it works, what I’m part of, the resources that I have available to me that maybe others don’t.