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Recap and Qualification with WSI’s Co-Founder 

Mark Dobson, WSI’s Co-Founder and CEO, provides a summary of the WSI opportunity to help ensure you leave this section knowing whether WSI is the right fit for you or not. For those that are looking to proceed further down our Discovery Process, you’ll also learn what remaining steps are left to join the WSI team. 

I’d like to personally thank you for investing the time to learn about our opportunity. I know that the journey you’ve embarked upon means change; new challenges and new opportunities; and is not a decision that should be taken lightly. When making a change in direction in one’s life there are many things to consider. In most cases, your choices not only affect you, but also, those closest to you.

That’s why, as you near the end of our selection process, it’s important to reflect on what you discovered both about the business and yourself. At the core of every decision is motivation. What’s motivating you to make a decision to take control at this point of your life? You know, over the years we’ve seen several distinct motivators for change; some individuals have been forced into the situation of looking for a new business opportunity due to downsizing or restructuring. For others, they’ve made a conscious decision to leave their current position as it no longer fulfills or challenges them on a professional level. For some it comes down to money; they see a greater financial future working for themselves. And there are those who are looking to grow their existing agency and view WSI as a strategic move to meet their growth objectives. Many of the people I talk to, tell me about the lifestyle that they are looking for. They’re tired of working 50-60+ hour work weeks for someone else.

They feel they’re unappreciated by their organizations.

What stands out most to me is how many of our agencies were missing their families. They were watching their children grow up and were not as actively involved as they would have liked to. A large portion of the individuals I speak with have decided they want greater security for themselves and their family; and have found that security through business ownership. The reasons for change that I’ve identified, come from years of conversations with potential agencies, and taking the time to get to know them. But let me ask you; what are your reasons? Whatever they are, it’s something personal to you, and only you know why you are looking, to take control and make a change in your life. Even though, some may believe business ownership is the right decision for them; it doesn’t necessarily mean that WSI is the right choice.

Since 1995, we’ve been analyzing our best agency owners. The ones that have seen the greatest success. And today, through advanced profiling, and strategic interviews, we understand what a successful agency owner looks like. If for some reason your application is rejected by WSI, it doesn’t mean business ownership is not for you. In fact, with our years of experience, and through the tens of thousands of applicants that we’ve spoken to, we have learned how to assess an individual’s strengths and where they will be best suited. In the situation where we don’t see a fit with WSI, if you like, we will invest the time to discuss the options that we believe would be a better direction for you to consider. For us, it’s about putting the long-term relationship first. It’s about seeing ourselves enjoying success together and enjoying the experience.

Becoming part of WSI is about becoming part of an extended family, a family that is focused on a common goal. It’s a group of likeminded business executives, that understand there’s strength in numbers, and the more we support each other and collaborate the stronger we become. If you’re brought on board with WSI, it means you become part of an elite group of individuals. Each of whom, have decided to take charge of their own lives. This group has decided what is truly important to them, and are now exercising the right to a better life, a life they have envisioned for themselves and their families.

Earlier I mention that this business is not for everyone, and maybe you’ve decided it isn’t for you. If that is the case, I wish you all the best in your future ventures, and success for you and your family. Just because this didn’t work out, don’t get discouraged and lose sight of your dreams. Don’t let those around you steal your dreams by discouraging you, or, attempting to give you advice about opportunities they may not be fully qualified to speak about. Keep searching and do whatever it takes to make the changes, you have to make, to be able to live the life you want. You deserve it.

If on another hand, you’ve decided to continue to move forward, and finish our selection process, you’ll need to complete a few more steps. The most important of which is a final interview with one of our senior executives. Provided all goes well, you’ll be invited to submit your formal application and place a deposit on the agency license. At that time, your application will be taken to the selection board for final approval, and if approved, everything will be finalized and you can begin your training. If that’s the case I’ll look forward to seeing you here, in Toronto at our Home office, in the very near future. I’d like to sincerely thank you for your time and wish you all the best - whatever your decision may be.