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Why I Joined WSI

Listen to some of our most successful franchisees harken back to the original reasons they took advantage of the WSI Business Opportunity, the obstacles our proven system helped them overcome, and the future goals they’re most excited about achieving.

Christine - Ontario, United States: So what appealed to me in starting my own business was being able to make my own decisions and make sure that I did the right thing for the customer instead of being told what to do for the customer. I think the main reason why I decided to go with the franchise model is I figured there’d be a lot of support. Getting into a brand new field for me, I wanted to make sure that I had the support that I needed to service my customers properly and what I found impressive about WSI is the minute that I showed interest, they were very responsive, they provided a lot of information, they answered all my questions, right away. I think the advantage of being part of WSI in this digital marketing world is the support from head office as well as the network of production centers that we have access to. So I know that if I need e-commerce or if I need social media marketing, there are experts at every corner. Then networking with the other consultants actually has been very beneficial to understand how they run their business and to realize that we all face the same challenges. I think women would do particularly well in this industry because I believe women are very good at networking and building strong relationships and partnerships and I think in order to build this business, you need to have very strong relationships and show your intent that you want the best for your customers, and I think we do that very well. I would tell another woman or any anybody looking at this business to be ready to work hard, be ready to have some fun with it and be ready to excel because I think we're in a unique position, not a lot of people are experts at digital marketing and we have a lot of people behind us to make this happen.

Eric - Michigan, United States: So I clicked on the ad and learned a little bit and the more I learned actually it changed my thinking because - like I said, I was planning on buying a franchise, I wasn’t actively looking at owning an own business and decided, as I learned more about WSI and the opportunity that it created, the freedom that it would build for me and my family, I ended up buying a national license. It just seemed like a really good fit and I had the opportunity to meet with a lot of the people over the phone and just ask them about their experience with WSI and everybody really shared some interesting stories and I think one of the gentlemen that I talked to said, I said ‘well, what’s the one thing that maybe you regret or what would you done differently’ and he said ‘if I had known I would done this years ago’ and so I’m now somebody that actually performs those review calls with prospective consultants and you know, I can honestly say the same thing, so it’s been a really good time.

Neal Virginia - United States: You know, WSI continues to provide value to me even after all these years, primarily in terms of the network; the network of peers that I have that I can collaborate with. I can’t go to a competitor in my marketplace and ask them what they’re doing, they won’t tell me. Or if they tell me something it won’t be the truth, right? So I'm able to reach out to hundreds of people literally worldwide and get ideas from them and collaborate with them on what they’re doing, what’s working, what’s emerging in the marketplace, how the marketplace is changing etcetera, and that really helps me stay educated and grounded. The training programs that WSI – and the learning opportunities that WSI brings to the party on an ongoing basis – the annual global conventions, the regional training sessions, those are all continuing to provide great values because we’re in an industry that changes all the time and if we’re going to be top level consultants, you know, generating a meaningful business, we have to be up to speed with all those things. So it really in summary is a combination of the benefits of the network and the research and the learning opportunities that WSI brings.