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Training and Support

Training and Support Overview

In this video, WSI team members highlight the impressive training and support provided to every member of our network. We believe knowledge is the fuel that will power your WSI business. You’ll learn all about our eLearning pre-training course, the formal in-class training, and the ongoing support initiatives that you’ll have continued access to as you grow your WSI business.

If you’re serious about joining the WSI family, you should know we put our franchisees through a lot of training. We do this because knowledge is power, and the more you learn before launching your business, the better chance you have at succeeding.

From the moment you join our network, we give you access to our eLearning center so you can start learning about our business. Your initial training consists of two parts: an online WSI Foundations course and a 7 day intensive in-class training course at Home Office in Toronto.

This initial training program covers the WSI methodologies, systems and tools, the fundamentals of digital marketing and the best practices for our industry. It is designed to provide you with the core processes and tools so you can start operating your WSI business with confidence.

There will be a significant amount of information to digest in a short period of time, but don’t worry, we’ll certainly teach you enough about digital technology to be comfortable selling our products and services, AND you don’t need to know how to code a website to run a WSI agency.

As a member of the WSI network, your training is never over. Our Education department makes it their priority to keep you informed of training resources and learning opportunities. Some of those include:

  • Supplier webinars highlighting products and services you can offer your clients
  • Monthly open forums providing insights and updates from the Home Office team
  • Regional meetings with sessions and seminars on the most impactful digital marketing trends
  • Advanced boot camps designed to hone specific marketing skillsets
  • “Road to a Million” – paid coaching program that sets franchisees along a path toward earning their first million dollars

Besides training for life, when you join WSI, you will immediately gain a huge network of support to back your business.

The main point of access for franchise support is our Virtual Office. This is where you’ll find all the WSI systems and tools needed for you to run your digital agency. With our live chat and ticketing options, you can also connect with Home Office in seconds for direct support.

The Virtual Office is accessible online, and provides links to our CRM, knowledge base, Workplace, the eLearning Center, our network of industry partners, our Events Calendar with monthly learning opportunities, and all the marketing tools and resources you’ll need.

To run a successful business, an entrepreneur must have support. Whether it’s emotional support from family and friends or informational support from a mentor, at the right moment, support can prop up a business that might otherwise falter. The WSI community is very gracious with their time and support of others in the system. If you have a question you need answered, run into a client situation you need advice on, or you just want to be reminded that you are part of a larger organization and network – with the WSI business, we’re certain you’ll never find support in short supply.