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Mark Dobson

Mark Dobson has been with WSI since our inception in 1995. He has an extensive background in business development in several industries dating back to the early seventies. His knowledge of the development of human potential and the understanding of behavioral patterns has been instrumental in developing the WSI System over the course of the years in his previous role as VP of Franchise Development. In November 2013, Mark became the new CEO of the WSI group of companies. With Mark’s extensive business experience and knowledge of the WSI system he has seamlessly stepped into the role of overseeing the day-to-day management operations of the business.

Email: mdobson@wsicorporate.com

Author's Posts

Training and Mentorship in Franchising: Why it’s Crucial to a Franchisee’s Success?

by Mark Dobson on Aug 14, 2017 2:30:58 PM

Mentoring is not a novel concept. It is in fact, an ancient one. Think about the link between Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle who together laid the foundations of Western philosophy and science. Aristotle, the student of Plato then went on to mentor Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king that would conquer the known world in the third century B.C. Fast forward to the 21st century, we have Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg listing Steve Jobs as one of his mentors while Bill Gates credits businessman and investor, Warren Buffet as the mentor who taught him how to deal with tough situations!

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Topics: Franchise Ownership, Becoming an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Franchise

What’s Driving an Increasing Number of Millennials across the Globe towards Entrepreneurship?

by Mark Dobson on Jul 28, 2017 2:08:16 PM

Has the world’s turbulent economy, terror attacks, and political upheavals shaken up the Millennial generation’s desire to become entrepreneurs and self-starters? Well, apparently not! A study conducted by America’s Small Business Development Centers with The Center for Generational Kinetics in the second quarter of 2017 highlighted some significant facts about Millennials attitude towards entrepreneurship. One of these key insights is that 61% of Millennials believe that owning a business offers better security than traditional employment.

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Topics: Career Tips & Advice, Franchise Ownership, Becoming an Entrepreneur

How to Get Help for Your Business Without Sacrificing its Identity and Your Ownership

by Mark Dobson on Jun 30, 2017 11:10:59 AM

Your clients love you, they're happy with your services, and they choose you time and time again because of your brand and the trust you’ve built over the years. But maybe you’ve been looking at the possibility of expanding into digital marketing as well but aren't sure how to manage it without having to change your business model, your clients, and your brand.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Franchise, Expanding Your Business, Increasing Client ROI, Growing Your Business

Risk Taking in Business: Here’s when to Take Risks and When to Steer Clear!

by Mark Dobson on Jun 19, 2017 12:16:13 PM

Any business venture comes with a measure of risk, but the key to being successful is knowing when those risks are worth it, and when you should walk away. Business risk management and assessment are one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have. Because risk taking in business is such a big part of any endeavor, today’s discussion will focus on what you have to consider when taking risks, other elements that are equally important if you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur, and how you can minimize risk when you’re planning a career move.

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Topics: Career Tips & Advice, Becoming an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Franchise

Can Core Entrepreneurial Skills Be Learned?

by Mark Dobson on Jun 15, 2017 2:59:53 PM

There can be no doubt that the entrepreneurial skills list required for success is endless, but are there skills you need to be a business owner that you simply can't learn? Many people are already familiar with the core skills required to be a profitable business owner, but people don’t always talk about the skills that can’t be taught or learned. Today’s discussion will be dedicated to the skills required to succeed as a business owner, and whether it is possible to acquire them.

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Topics: Career Tips & Advice, Business Skills & Trends, Becoming an Entrepreneur

How to Come Up With Innovative, Feasible Business Ideas That Can Bring You Success

by Mark Dobson on Jun 9, 2017 2:11:40 PM

Running your own business is a tough job, but just coming up with a solid business idea can be even harder. Brainstorming viable business ideas takes creativity and inventiveness, but also knowledge about different industries and insight into the minds of consumers. And once you have a few business ideas, you also need financial and risk-management acumen to be able to determine which ones are feasible. But if you're exploring the possibility of going into business for yourself, here are some tips to help you come up with those brilliant ideas.

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Topics: Career Tips & Advice, Becoming an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Franchise

How WSI Can Help Your Agency Reach the Next Level of Success

by Mark Dobson on May 12, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Imagine your agency transformed, partnered with the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants. Digital marketing agencies can expand and thrive, by increasing their client bases, and gaining access to the expertise that a professional, knowledgeable network of Digital Marketing Consultants provides. WSI offers existing digital marketing agencies security in their quickly changing field while expanding the client base and learning advanced digital marketing strategies.

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Topics: Franchise Ownership, Digital Marketing Franchise, Expanding Your Business, Growing Your Business

Why All Marketing Agencies Should Include Digital in their Future

by Mark Dobson on May 5, 2017 10:31:54 AM

Marketing has existed ever since the first human tried to convince a fellow villager that his two chickens were worth trading a goat for. But it’s come a long way since then, and today when people talk about marketing, they're typically talking about it in a digital format. That’s because these days, people spend more time on the internet than they do with any other media combined, so the only viable way your company can reach them is through digital marketing. So, if you’ve been offering only traditional marketing services all this time, it’s time to do a rethink!

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Topics: Digital Marketing Franchise, Expanding Your Business, Increasing Client ROI, Growing Your Business

Do Millennials Make Better Digital Marketers?

by Mark Dobson on May 3, 2017 11:57:34 AM

Millennials who choose a career as Digital Marketers have endless advantages, as utilizing social media and modern technology is an essential, and natural, choice. As the world of digital marketing progresses, the industry requires these young professionals who are highly flexible, learn quickly, and can keep up with the high demands and expectations of clients. As compared to marketers who developed their skills before unlimited internet access, millennials have the mindset to grow with the technology and develop their skill sets to match digital marketing trends.

So, what exactly makes millennials innately great digital marketers?

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Topics: Business Skills & Trends, Digital Marketing Trends & Tactics, Becoming an Entrepreneur, WSI Franchise Information

The Top 5 Challenges Your Marketing Agency May Face in 2017 and What You Can Do to Face Them

by Mark Dobson on Apr 19, 2017 11:41:51 AM

As more and more of the business world transitions to online-based platforms for running their organizations, small digital marketing agencies are experiencing an unprecedented workload. This also means that more and more individuals are heading into the digital marketing industry, paving the way for increased competition, and shrinking budgets as newcomers quote less on big projects.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Franchise, WSI Franchise Information, Expanding Your Business, Increasing Client ROI

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