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Agency & Supplier Profiling

Interview with Certified WSI Agency Owner, Seanice Kacungira

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WSI Agency interview with Seanice Kacungira
Summary: We take great pleasure in sharing our interview with our WSI Agency owner Seanice Kacungira. She runs a successful digital marketing agency.

We take great pleasure is sharing our interview with our WSI Agency owner, Seanice Kacungira. She runs a successful digital marketing agency and is represented in 5 countries.

How long have you been a supplier/agency with WSI?

I’ve been with WSI for just under one year!

What attracted you to become a supplier/agency with WSI?

We wanted to be best-in-class in this exciting industry, to provide a really helpful service to our clients and to make a real and positive difference to their bottom line. WSI is the perfect match and their track record, their warm and helpful attitude to us while going through the on-boarding process, and their depth and breadth of industry knowledge was extremely attractive to us.

WSI Agency interview with Seanice Kacungira

What’s something about your country that others may not know?

Blu Flamingo is fortunate enough to be based in 5 countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda! We can tell you many things about each of these amazing countries that you might not know, but we’ll stick to our headquarters in South Africa for this one.

For example, did you know that in South Africa, we have an annual fish migration that is so huge it can be seen from space? Between May and July every year, millions of sardines travel in vast shoals from the cold waters off South Africa’s Cape Point up to the coastlines of the northern Eastern Cape and southern KwaZulu-Natal.

This annual event is called the Sardine Run. The shoals are so incredibly big - 15km long, 3.5km wide and up to 40m deep – that they can be seen by satellite! In their wake you can see hundreds of birds, sharks, whales and dolphins, all eager to feast. It’s a great tourist attraction and opportunity to see nature at its most impressive!

Where are opportunities for growth for your business? For your clients?

There are numerous opportunities for our business to grow, especially in terms of Big Data and utilizing it to inform clients about new products and services. CRM and eCommerce are a focus for us at the moment, especially in terms of helping our clients implement effective and innovative solutions right from the start. Since we are based in Africa, we are able to leapfrog a lot of things including old tech or marketing concepts, letting us place our clients right at the edge of the latest digital marketing solutions right from the start.

What is it about digital marketing that interests you?

The ability to help - and I mean really help businesses generate leads and stay profitable amazes me every time! The Internet is such a powerful space for businesses to succeed, and there are new solutions, strategies and opportunities occurring all the time, that with the right knowledge one can change the future of a client’s business for the better.

What’s the biggest challenge for businesses in your country?

The biggest challenge for us is that not everyone has a good understanding of digital marketing and how it works to open up opportunities for growth. It takes patience and understanding when dealing with key people in charge of marketing budgets to help them get on board with the concept and have a clear vision of their online strategy. Another challenge is dealing with the low internet penetration in some markets.

What’s something you take pride in with your business?

We genuinely care about our clients and view them as an extension of our team, so we work around the clock to constantly improve our skills in order to deliver better results for them. We’re not perfect – yet!  Just kidding... but our drive for self-improvement and focus on adding real value are perhaps some of our best qualities.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?

Wow, that’s an interesting question! One can never really say, but in 5 years I believe we will be well on our way to becoming the biggest digital marketing network in Africa. We’ll certainly be the biggest network that’s pushing value-adding services for clients, helping to play our part in growing their bottom line, using the Internet and the most innovative digital tools.

If you share one piece of information with the audience today, what would it be?

I reckon it would be to never stop trying to get better! It’s not about arriving at the top - we can always learn more and improve our skills, especially in digital marketing. So, my advice would be to never stop sharpening your axe!

P.S. The picture is of some of our Uganda team doing what we love to best in our free time - raising money for charity! On this occasion we were taking part in a cancer fundraising run.

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