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Digital Consultant Profile

Interview with WSI Digital Marketing Expert Jeremy Howard

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Jeremy Howard Digital Marketing Consultant
Summary: Want to find out about the WSI network? Explore our interview with WSI digital marketing expert Jeremy Howard here.

Every month, we interview a marketing consultant from WSI, to discuss their experience with our digital marketing agency. Here is a snippet from our latest interview with Jeremy Howard, who operates from San Antonio, Texas. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m in San Antonio, Texas. I landed in San Antonio with the US air force so I am a veteran of the US air force stationed here. I met and married my wife in San Antonio. I had an IT career that lasted 23 and a half years. I am also experienced in digital marketing, with over 20 years of experience in this industry. 

What made you come to work as an internet consultant?

When I was going through testing and basic training in the air force, I thought about what I was going to do with my career after that. My parents pushed me into programming because back then IT was quite a popular topic and of course, still is. 

I started in programming and worked my way up to leadership and internet marketing.

I am passionate about helping businesses of all sizes succeed in the digital world, and believe that the key to success is to stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technologies and strategies.

Why did you choose to join the WSI franchise instead of starting your own operation?

I honestly wanted to get out of the corporate world. I lead many different departments in corporate and after looking at different businesses for two years, I decided to venture out of the business world. I talked to many business owners and different types of businesses during this time so I had an idea of what I was looking for. 

When my wife and I ran into WSI, we agreed it was the best opportunity with the least amount of risk. Previously I bought an existing agency and grew it from there, but WSI was different. We felt that WSI just provided good support and came with a vast network of agency owners that help each other like a family. There was just less risk involved because there was such a good support system, unlike there would have been should I start my own business. I do believe that the support network has been the best for us. 

What influenced you to take the leap?

Probably one of my biggest influences is my wife. She owned her own business and growing up, her own family was all successful entrepreneurs. She was my biggest cheerleader and encouraged me throughout the journey. She also helped with the process of selecting the best business opportunity I have ever had.

How long have you been with WSI?

I have been with WSI for over 6 years. I officially became part of the WSI team in October 2017. We had a lot of good growth through organic growth and acquisition. It’s been a great couple of years and I would not change it for anything.

Any obstacles that some of us could learn from?

One of the biggest challenges I had was handling the parts of the business I knew nothing about. I made a great outsourcing decision to hire the best fit for my company to assist me with payroll and other aspects of the job I couldn’t handle myself. I also made a terrific hire with my BP of operations who handles aspects of administrative work, which allows me to focus on my clients.

What do you see in the next 5 years for yourself?

We have been growing, it's been good. We are working to consolidate two agencies into one WSI agency. In doing so, we are going to be looking at how we streamline processes. Outside of this, I recently read Atomic Habits (by James Clear). I decided I want to have my staff read this book so we can apply the micro-habits to our business. Instead of focusing on a lot of things at once, I want my team to look at the small things we can do to make a bigger impact.

What would you be drinking at happy hour?

I'm a big bourbon guy. I've been to Kentucky and did the bourbon trail. Or IPA.

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