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Apple's Celebrity-Driven Marketing

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Apple's celebrity-driven marketing
Summary: Apple's celebrity driven marketing

 The last couple of months have been quite eventful for Apple. With the release of the Apple Watch 2, iPhone SE, fourth-gen Apple TV, and Apple’s recent efforts to promote the Apple Music membership, the company has stepped up its marketing game with some very influential celebrity endorsements.

In their recently released video promos for the Apple Watch 2, we see short snippets of celebrities showcasing the different features of the device. Featuring Nick Jonas, Chloë Sevigny, and even the Godfather of Shock Rock himself, singer Alice Cooper, Apple reveals these celebs using the improved Apple Watch in their daily lives.

While celebrity endorsements are nothing new to marketing, the appearance that surprised us all was that of pop singer Taylor Swift. If you recall, last summer, Taylor publicly criticized Apple Music in a viral letter challenging the company’s compensation to artists during its 3-month trial period.

But, it seems the relationship between the two parties is now stronger than ever. Just a few weeks ago, Swift was featured in not one but two of Apple Music’s promotions. Highlighting the app’s playlist features, we see a pumped-up Taylor Swift jamming out to Drake & Future's "Jumpman" while on the treadmill. 

What a great example to set for other companies – by addressing the critique in a timely manner, Apple Music managed to turn the situation around and salvaged a lucrative connection to the Grammy Award-winning star and, more importantly, her fan base.

And just before we go, here’s another viral video from Apple featuring everyone’s favorite Muppet Cookie Monster. So, what are your thoughts on the company’s celebrity-driven marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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