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6 Signs That You've Hit a Glass Ceiling In Your Career

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Summary: How can you tell if you have no room to grow in the current company you're working for?

Sigmund Freud once said that life is nothing more than work and love. Clearly, he was on to something.

Being in a career that doesn't allow you to grow professionally, personally and financially is a recipe for disaster. Working at this kind of job slowly chips away at your quality of life and overall sense of well-being. Hitting an unbreakable glass ceiling could end up affecting your relationships, self-esteem, and even your health.

To avoid the downward spiral that often accompanies working at a dead end job, take a look at the following list of tell-tale signs you've hit that elusive glass ceiling.

  1. Your Industry is at a Standstill

    The digital age has changed the workforce in dramatic and countless ways. But many industries have been on the losing end of these advancements in technology.

    It should raise a red flag when your entire industry is failing to thrive in the current economic conditions. And if your industry cannot grow, then neither can your career.

    Consider honing and developing new skills while still working at your current job. Work towards your goals slowly so you can eventually ease out of your current dead-end position.

  2. Your Boss Doesn't Care About Your Goals

    Companies who are interested in seeing you grow will also be invested in helping you build a clear path towards your goals.

    Therefore, if you're boss doesn't seem to care about what your career goals are - this a definite sign that there is a glass ceiling above your head.

    Consider trying to change departments or look for other work outside of your company that will actually offer you a potential for growth.

  3. Your Company Doesn't Promote From Within

    When a position opens up at your company, does it always seem to get filled with a newcomer? If so, you may never get the chance to get that big promotion you've always wanted.

    Surely, every company will look for new talent from outside sources from time to time. But if you notice a pattern, it might be time to start looking at other options. After all, you deserve to be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work and commitment.

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  4. You're Not Challenged at Work 

    If your time at work is a painful routine, it's a sign that your career is going nowhere.

    Ideally, your company will provide you with new opportunities on a consistent basis as you continue to prove your worth to the company.

    New challenges are essential for career growth because it's by surmounting them that you learn new skills and grow as an employee. Without them, your potential for growth is extremely limited.

  5. The Leaders in Your Company Never Change

    A thriving and growing company will experience changes in management to accommodate their shifting needs. However, some companies get stuck in their ways and the higher-ups become a little too comfortable in their positions.

    If your supervisors have all been with the company for several years, or even decades, then it's unlikely you will ever be able to climb any higher on the ladder and it might be time to start looking elsewhere.

  6. Your Company Isn't Growing

    It takes a lot of hard work and detailed planning to make a business grow. But if your company lacks these qualities, you can forget your chances of being promoted.

    Furthermore, a company that lacks the vision needed for growth also tends to change or reduce staff frequently. Try to find a company that is dedicated to changing with the times and your rank will be soon to follow. If you are considering a career change and want to learn as much as possible about it before making the leap, read our eBook: 7 Signs You’re Ready For A Career Change.


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