Invest In A Low-Cost, High-Reward Venture

The world is changing and so are the rules for advancing career, income, and lifestyle. Franchising provides the perfect blend of the benefits that come from business ownership while minimizing the risks. 

WSI’s unique business model is one of very few franchise systems that give you the freedom and flexibility of building the business the way you want to – to fit your lifestyle and ambitions without the big investment and overhead. 

Overall, the investment is low and the potential reward is sky-high. WSI’s proven system has been successfully repeated many times over the last 20 years, making it a winning proposition. Given our affordable franchise costs, powerful network and potential return, WSI is an attractive business venture.

Startup vs. Franchise

Despite the perceived allure of entrepreneurship, building a business from the ground up is a difficult process that requires hard work. Many businesses fail, often because prospective entrepreneurs don’t realize how much effort and investment goes into the launch phase of a startup. It’s easy to get bogged down by tedious tasks like housekeeping and logistics, which get in the way of doing actual business. Between setting up, selling and delivering products or services, there’s usually too much work for one person to handle.

Becoming a WSI franchisee can be the perfect turnkey solution to your burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur. By providing you with the backbone of a business from which to build, WSI essentially takes care of the launch phase for you, all you need to do is take the controls and steer. A WSI franchise offers the dream of entrepreneurship without the hassle and risk of a startup.

Franchise Fee Comparison

Chances are you don’t want a McDonald’s franchise. You’re here because you want something affordable. You want to start your own business with an established brand behind it, but you don’t want to invest millions of dollars. That’s okay, we understand. WSI is an affordable business venture, and if you don’t believe us, check out how we stack up against other well-known franchises:



WSI $65K - $80K
McDonald’s $1-2M
Midas $203.1K - $424.5K
FastSigns $178.2K - $289.5K
Hampton Hotels $3.7M - $6.6M
UPS Store $150.2K - $420.3K

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