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Franchise Opportunity for Your E2 Visa Investment

 WSI is an excellent investment option for obtaining your E2 Visa

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This is the WSI story

The WSI Story

Consider Your Business Investment Options for Your E2 Visa

If you are a foreign entrepreneur looking to start a business in the United States, you’ve likely explored obtaining an E2 Visa. Part of applying for E2 Visa status is ensuring you have a US business venture in place that you can substantially invest in so you and your family can travel and live in the United States.

Purchasing a franchise is one of the business investment options many E2 Visa applicants decide to go with since it fast tracks the business start-up process. But not all franchise opportunities are ideal for an E2 Visa application. In fact, the E2 Visa application process looks at your business venture very carefully to ensure it meets certain criteria.

The business venture must:

  • Operate within a growth industry that meets a need
  • Have the ability to hire more staff and invest in outside labor in the USA to run your business
  • Have territory availability based on where you want to live
  • Have a strong business case for what you are considering (is it a proven business model)
  • Have a strong recurring revenue potential
  • Have the opportunity for significant profit margins
  • Have the strength and longevity of a brand and management team
  • Have experience working with foreign nationals

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Why WSI is a Solid Business Investment for Your E2 Visa

The WSI Franchise Opportunity meets all the above requirements and more.  At WSI, you'll be able to grow your business across the US and continue to hire staff to assist with its growth. You'll be investing in a business that operates in a high-growth industry, allows you to control your profit margins, and is built around developing a strong recurring revenue stream.

As a company, WSI is approaching its 25th year in business and has offices all over the world, which means you’ll be able to leverage the strength of the WSI brand, but also tap into a network of Digital Marketing experts from various countries.

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