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Welcome to the WSI Franchise Experience Center

We'll connect with you shortly! In the meantime, here are some great resources to help you understand the WSI Network. 


Why Join WSI?

After over 25 years in business, we've gained vital knowledge and experience in both the digital marketing industry and franchising. Our successful franchise system provides you the right tools to help you start a healthy and lucrative business.  

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    We're a global company that has experienced major industry changes and still continues to build our foundations on the ability to adapt.

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    We offer a process-driven methodology called the WSI Internet Solutions Lifecycle®, outlining a blueprint for successful digital marketing strategies.

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    Know what's happening in digital in all corners of the world. Continually share and refine strategies based on latest trends. Use Global Knowledge to deliver Local Results.

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    Work with the best brands and platforms in the industry. Gain exclusive access to WSI special pricing and premium support and training.

Why own a Digital Marketing Business?

Joining the world of digital marketing is an exciting and financially rewarding opportunity and one that many individuals before you have come to love. We know what it takes to start a successful digital marketing business, and we’re committed to helping you get started and earning revenue as possible.

Featured Videos

Below are a few videos that showcase WSI's value proposition, testimonials from our franchisees, examples of how we make a difference to our clients, and more. 

The WSI Consultant Experience

Our consultants love sharing their experiences about owning a WSI franchise. Watch this short video to find out why so many business professionals are becoming WSI Digital Marketing Consultants and gaining ownership of their careers.

Did You Know WSI is a Recurring Revenue Model?

For our very first Did You Know video, Daniel Lattanzio, SVP of Franchise Development, talks about WSI's recurring revenue structure and how this benefits our franchisees' ability to scale their business, build customer loyalty, and plan for succession later on down the road. 

Did You Know WSI Creates Intergenerational Wealth?

For our next Did You Know video, Daniel Lattanzio, SVP of Franchise Development, shares insights on what digital marketing can do for our franchisees and their families. Unlock the potential of creating intergenerational wealth with WSI's revolutionary franchise business model.

Did You Know WSI Offers  Remarkable Flexibility?

Imagine tailoring your business to perfectly align with your aspirations and lifestyle – with WSI, this becomes a reality! Watch our 2-minute Did You Know video where Daniel Lattanzio, SVP of Franchise Development, briefly discusses the benefits of owning a flexible business franchise.

Did You Know WSI's Management Team Boasts 130+ Years in Franchising?

With a staggering collective experience of 132 years, our Management Team is a testament to the legacy and culture of leadership WSI offers to every franchisee. Please watch this Did You Know video and consider how WSI's legacy of leadership and innovation aligns with your business aspirations. 

Did You Know That WSI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing With AI?

Discover the heart of our AI-driven transformation and understand how WSI's proprietary AI technology revolutionizes the franchise landscape, offering our franchisees unparalleled advantages. 

Did You Know WSI Offers a Six-Month Quick Start Program to All New Franchisees?

Watch the video to learn about WSI’s Quick Start Program (QSP), which provides you with comprehensive training, hands-on application, and personalized support to navigate the early stages of your digital marketing business confidently. 

Did You Know You Could be the Right Fit for WSI?

The WSI business opportunity is a great fit for those driven by purpose and success. We thrive on collaboration, support, and continuous learning. Explore the key attributes we're looking for in an ideal WSI Franchise business owner.

Did You Know WSI's Mission & Tagline Shape Our Digital Marketing Approach?

Our mission is “Unlocking a world of possibility for those we serve,” empowering individuals like yourself to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. We live by our tagline, “Embrace Digital. Stay Human,” which highlights the importance of the human touch in digital marketing. Watch this video to explore how our mission and tagline guide our approach.

Key Resources

Here are a few of the resources we think will come in handy as you learn more about the WSI business opportunity. 


WSI Overview

This is a condensed version of our 2-min drill. This document is a great resource for you to learn more about the WSI opportunity.


Digital Minds_New-1


WSI Digital Minds Book

Flip through our third book, Digital Minds: A Strategic Approach to Connecting & Engaging with Your Customers Online. Written primarily for business owners, Digital Minds walks the reader through the 12 key components of an effective digital marketing strategy. This book has been written collaboratively by our President, Valerie Brown-Dufour, as well as 12 WSI Digital Marketing Consultants whom each authored a separate chapter. 



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Best Insights: Career, Digital Marketing, Franchising

The WSI Franchise Blog is your ideal place to get career advice and best practices for digital marketing from WSI experts!



WSI Business Opportunity


Explore More At The WSI Discovery Center

Continue your journey and deepen your understanding of our franchise opportunities with the resources available at the WSI Discovery Center.




Our Team is Here to Support You!

Our Franchise Development Team at WSI has a combined 50+ years of knowledge and experience working in the industry. They have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs discover the perfect business opportunity within WSI, and they can do the same for you as well. 

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Daniel Lattanzio

Senior Vice-President, 
WSI Franchise Development



Trinda Tresham

Regional Vice-President, 
WSI Franchise Development


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